Hello my name is David Ketnor, I’ve been a software developer for around a decade, my roles and responsibilities over recent years have shifted to a more architecture focused role particularly within software and solutions architecture disciplines. I’ve worked within a wide range of industry sectors including Health Care, Insurance, Marketing, Legal, and Retail. I currently work for a large marketing agency in the north of England focusing on software solutions for a number of different clients within ecommerce. My current focus is on delivering transformational projects with a strong focus on SOA. Other areas I regularly contribute include process improvement, tools and vendor selection and training. I am also architecting and delivering a range of ecommerce solutions including integrations with ERP. I currently reside in Leeds, I’m grade 5 piano and have an interest in all things software particularly within architecture.


The purpose of this blog is provide a resource and outlet for my own experiences within architecture, to help other architects and generally share the knowledge and to help other architects. On a personal level, I’ve always had a personal objective to create a blog and start contributing to the wider architecture community, so I deemed the creation of a blog as the perfect opportunity to both help others and myself.


I’m hoping to build up a central repository of experiences, resources, models, standards and patterns. This will be for my own benefit and for other readers.


Followers of this blog should expect a strong architecture focus particularly within software and solutions architecture.

That’s all for now…